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AC problems

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Every person who ever owned a Mercedes Benz knows what he or she has faced. The service measures speak for themselves.

If any person has ever got Mercedes Benz to admit that there has ever been any defect in the AC system he should receive the highest medal.

However the following document says it all. Here the cleverness of a company whose average life of the AC evaporator is two years indirectly admits everything. Yet it took them TEN YEARS to even secretly try out a new design and to this day no body knows if there has been an improvement.

As dealers for ten years countless requests of our dealership to give replacements under warranty for leaking evaporators just after the warranty was over were rejected out right. Yet if customers were aggressive some replacements were given!!

Additionally the stink of a typical Mercedes AC was almost an everyday problem. All customers were denied any design defect for both leakage and smell.

Therefore it is most disgusting to see the above document which shows the character of this arrogant company, which even made dealers go through useless processes for fungal treatment in the evaporator. For years we were left in the dark while we were always wishing to help our customers but left without evidence.

Failure rates of AC evaporators must be demanded under legal action.

No. Measure/Info. No. Recived Date Service Measure / Information Area / Item Affected Model Class Model Engine Type Chassis / Vin No Range
1 S.I.No: IND 83/001 2000-09-14 A.C. Pipeing to be corrected A C S 320L 220 Specified
2 A/C No: 83 000 03 2004-06-11 Rectifiction of baffel to avoid ac condensor failure A C C 200cdi 203 ALL
3 A/C No: 83 900 32 2004-09-22 Retrofitment to avoid over heating of AC fuse (Fire Hazzard ) A C S ALL 220 ALL
4 A/C No: 83 970 31 2007-02-23 Replace defective filling valve in air conditioner which was provisionally fitted A C S ALL 221 Limited list provided
5 S.I.No:IND 83/004 2007-07-07 Information admiting knowledge of A.C. Evaprotor Leakage and foul smell and admiting new experimental design A C ALL ALL ALL ALL