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Air suspension sudden collapse

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The frequency with which air suspension struts collapsed was staggering.

The "service measures" pertaining to this defect are self explanatory.

Our warranty and paid repair records are the greatest proof of an abnormal failure rate. The fact that Mercedes Benz even introduced a "REPAIR KIT" and asked dealers not to replace struts in pairs shows how heavy the repair cost was to the company and customer and that it was becoming an issue with customers whose cars were just out of the two year warranty.

The examples of new car struts collapsing were also common and we have had multiple collapses in our own cars too.

However most shockingly we ourselves had a suspension strut on a CLS350 collapse instantaneously in a moving car on a three year old car which had already had one strut replaced when it was brand new. Now it has come to our attention that this is not a isolated incident and it continues across all models.

Mercedes Benz refuses to give data of failure rates.

No. Measure/Info. No. Recived Date Service Measure / Information Area / Item Affected Model Class Model Engine Type Chassis / Vin No Range
1 A/C No: 32 505 01 2004-08-17 Rectification of air suspension deffect secretly Air suspension S ALL 220 ALL
2 S.I.No: IND 32/004 2005-07-28 Instructions to repair air strut after noting excessive failures to reduce cost Air suspension S ALL 220 ALL
3 S.I.No: 32.22-P-0005A 2005-12-23 Further modification on repair of air strut Air suspension S ALL 220 ALL
4 A/C No: 32 211 01 2004-09-23 Correct wrong fitment of torsion bar Suspension S ALL 220 National list provided
5 A/C No: 33 900 12 2006-04-24 Replace defective bolt and washer on suspension sub frame for undisclosed resion Suspension E ALL 211 Limited list provided
6 A/C No: 2007-01-05 Replace front shockabsorber due to crack in mounting disk Suspension C ALL 203 ALL
7 A/C No: 32 950 21 2007-07-04 Replace active suspension (ABC ) distribution line to avoid break down Air suspension S ,CL ALL 220 ,215 Limited list provided