Cama motors deeply regrets its association with Mercedes Benz. To find out how you were cheated by Mercedes Benz using our organization CLICK HERE It is no exaggeration to describe corruption and bribe-paying at Daimler as a standard business practice," Robert Khuzami, director of the SEC's enforcement division, said in a statement.

Corrosion of cars

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Daimler AG, in its most advanced plants, eliminated various time tested processes such as cavity sealing and other anti-corrosion activities in the hope of cost cutting.

However the alternate process(known only to insiders but rumoured to be some kind of gel/agent) failed miserably and horrible corrosion patches along all welding joints performed in automated plants came to be reported to them world-wide.

We were kept in the dark at the time and under the name "additional body protection" various measures were asked to be carried out without information to the owners since no cost was to be charged.

As owners of a C Class whose roof, doors and all other sheet metal corroded totally we received no answers. At that point we were told that only cars made in plants overseas were affected and our own car (not Indian made cars sold to our customers). As we were dealers we were asked to protect the companies reputation since our own car would be restored by the senior most body specialist "Herbert Kartsemnmier". It was shared that the dealers in Mumbai and Delhi had volunteered to secretly hire additional space where these "IMPORTED CARS" which they had sold in large numbers would be stripped like our own C Class and in rare cases exchange offers of such attractive nature would be offered for "PROBLEM CARS" that the owners must be MADE TO EXCHANGE the cars. We were told that our customers with MADE IN PUNE cars were safe.

However over the years we were shocked to see the cars we had innocently sold fall apart particularly in the door joints. At this point the story was changed and the fact that all doors were imported as pressed and welded units from those same plants with the defective process was revealed.

Various "measures" were performed behind the customers backs but such things cannot be done to the required standards in a dealer workshop. Corrosion in most cars reappeared as it was bound to, but customers are totally in the dark and any failure after a couple of years, is now their responsibility.

Any talk on such issues was prohibited and few dealers like us who began raising our voices at this point and demanding information were slowly forced to exit the network after extensive financial damage and a campaign of harassment.

Total secrecy on what went wrong prevents full knowledge. We were informed that secret replacements of cars would be offered in "rare" cases to avoid adverse publicity. It is a well known fact that entire waxing, sealing and all forms of corrosion protection were missing on thousands of cars for years which the dealers have secretly rectified under instructions of DaimlerChrysler!!! The reasons have never been shared with us!!!

No. Measure/Info. No. Recived Date Service Measure / Information Area / Item Affected Model Class Model Engine Type Chassis / Vin No Range
1 A/C No: 98 900 34 2002-07-03 Rectification of defective anti corrosion prosses during manufacture Body corrosion C ALL 203 ALL
2 A/C No: 98 900 34 2003-08-25 correction of previous failed anti corrosion service measure of 03/07/2002 Body corrosion C ALL 203 ALL
3 A/C No: 72 900 37 2004-10-11 Further rectification of defective anti corrosion during manufacture Body corrosion E ,C ALL 210 ,203 Local list provided
4 A/C No: 72 900 38 2004-12-24 Extention of previous anti corrosion measures ( on going since 2002 ) after repeated experimentation Body corrosion C ,S ALL 203 ,220 Local list provided
5 A/C No: 63 910 35 2006-02-28 Apply anti corrosion on rear fender due to incorrct fold in sheet metal Body corrosion SLK ALL 171 Limited list provided