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Engine idler pulley

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The "measure" to replace idler pulleys was introduced years after the defect was known and information that the breakage of the pulley could cause SBC braking and power steering failure was hidden from customers and only noise was given as a reason. Additionally after a delay new models were said to be "affected" and new measures were later launched.


However in another document under the classification of "service information" it is expressed that if the pulley fails, both the braking system and steering system will loose power assistance and therefore become unmanageable by a driver.


This once again highlights the same phenomena of cowardice such that instead of immediately recalling the suspect part (which was clearly replaced under a secret campaign) multitudes of customers were KNOWINGLY allowed to drive around with a part that could lead to their death.

No. Measure/Info. No. Recived Date Service Measure / Information Area / Item Affected Model Class Model Engine Type Chassis / Vin No Range
1 S.I.No: IND 13/001 2005-07-21 Instructions to replace damaged pulley 3years before admiting failure by service measures in 2008 Engine ALL ALL ALL ALL
2 A/C No: 01 910 12 2008-01-31 Replace engine oil and filter due to wrong oil filled at factory Engine E ALL 211 Limited list provided