Cama motors deeply regrets its association with Mercedes Benz. To find out how you were cheated by Mercedes Benz using our organization CLICK HERE It is no exaggeration to describe corruption and bribe-paying at Daimler as a standard business practice," Robert Khuzami, director of the SEC's enforcement division, said in a statement.

Merc Refuses Court Summons

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Did you know Mercedes Benz and Daimler AG are members of the Chameleon Family? And it serves the Cowards very well until you compare notes.

We will explain.

After years of being trapped by the legal secretary of Mercedes India, Mr. Pendse, into believing that the top echelon of Daimler AG was just moments away from embracing us as whistleblowers we were horrified that they were in fact orchestrating our destruction in pure vengeance and when the process was over they refused us any form of meeting or even a phone call. The proof is in court so we leave it for now.


Even our letter of resignation for which our only condition was a face to face meeting with the Chairman of the Board of Mercedes India ( a German by the name Mr. Joachim Schmidt ) was returned to India to be accepted and signed by the very man against whom we had blown the whistle for two years with the full involvement of the legal secretary so that he could deal us the final death blow with this humiliating letter.


It was the darkest day in the history of our family. Since generations of honest service to giants of the car industry since the thirties with FORD MOTOR COMPANY and such.


However the standards of behavior of this company have no bottom.


In reply to our resignation to Schmidt in Germany, Aulbur and Mitra to sadistic pleasure in humiliating us by showing us what happens to honest people in the world of Daimler AG. We had no power to fight back and closed that chapter.


Now moving forward two years, and after Daimler AG refused to file replies to summons served by the court directly in Germany ( the courts refused us a receive report even the post dept. refused an answer in a written reply ) , while filing our second litigation we tried to prevent the manipulation of the justice system of this country. We apologise for being honest but in our first civil suit, Daimler has refused to answer and as a result we have no progress since may 2011! And the court and post dept. have been used as instruments of revenge on us.

So when we filled a case for damages, which is very vital to us, we did not fall prey to the tricks previously used against us. Specially since the court and Indian Postal service cannot even tell us if our summons have been received in Stuttgart by Daimler AG.


Now here comes the master stroke.


Having taken a convenient stand in 2009 with the most serious issue of a dealer being slaughtered in revenge as you can see in the above letter Mercedes Benz India Ltd. Has left no doubt about its relationship to Daimler AG.

THE WORDS “LEGAL ENTITY RESPONSIBLE FOR DAIMLER BUSINESS IN INDIA” seem to have no meaning in the vocabulary of these Fascists.


When we addressed the parent company in our second litigation at their “legal entities” address we were shocked to see the same delaying tactic to fool the courts, being used in a most shameless and illegal matter, especially in light of the past stand demonstrated by the letter of 2009.


After receiving the summons and taking a week to deliberate they had the cowardliness to return the summons to the courts in Ahmedabad with a stand that they had accepted it in error and had nothing to do with Daimler AG who is a separate entity!!!




When we objected to the court for this return, apparently having no memory of words put to ink by none less than their Ex-MD, they further committed themselves to total exposure. Now they even admit that they prefer the Indian Post and the court, like the previous case, 955 of 2011, to be entrusted with the mailing of summons. It is blatant manipulative because a failure of Daimler to answer in that case has made the court process stall since may 2011 and that is all they are intending to do once again.



We are proud to instill such fear with our complaints alone but if Daimler or Mercedes India were to challenge our statements or show up in court with the correct arguments, we might see a closure to this battle which we have taken up with them also in the interest of the Indian consumer and to be able to prove that this is not a fascist country but a vibrant democracy where the rule of law cannot be frustrated by this colonial attitude and arrogance by a foreign power.

 It must be added that we have repeated our challenge to join us in the legal arena as well as to set up a panel of international forensic experts to take extensive Polygraph-lie detector tests in a fair manner at the end of which we are sure of the truth being revealed.


What is significant is that we have made this offer in broad daylight with the entire MEDIA and all relevant ministries , SIAM , German Embassy and the assumed replacement of the Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Commission which has been named to us as the Competition Commission Of India. The different degrees of silence of these bodies have been deafeningly loud.

Still we are firm.