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SBC Break Failure

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Anything that is said on the subject will be inadequate since no information was ever shared in detail.

Year 2003:

After our own E class had a total failure of its brakes in October 2003 we were informed that no such problem existed and were given a software "update" with no technical information. We were told that our brakes had switched by error to the "HYDRAULIC MODE". Yet our feedback that "HYDRAULIC MODE" was as good as failed brakes was arrogantly dismissed and the self diagnosis system of the car was set in such a way that after a random occurrences of such a "SWITCHING TO HYDRAULIC MODE" no evidence was left when the key was turned off and on.

Year 2004

In May 2004, suddenly we heard of the international controversy and were informed that only cars in our workshop and cars belonging to customers who had "heard from abroad" should receive the recall measure immediately. Shockingly this document said that no customer was not to be informed. We were told that by reprogramming any chances of defect would be eliminated.

However the "measure" gave instructions to change the braking unit (with modified design), only if the scanner(tester), instructed to do so.

Even after this action most cars were not recommended for any new hardware. Yet  our own brakes failed again as we reported to them, after which another measure to the same effect was meaninglessly repeated (dtd.12-10-2004). We were still told that there was no problem and for our own car as a gesture to psychologically bring back our faith in the safety of our car, a new braking unit would be offered. YET THE FACT THAT THER WAS ANY DEFECT WAS REFUSED AND WE WERE TOLD THAT INCREASED QUESTIONING ON THIS TOPIC WOULD LEAD TO TRERMINATION OF OUR DEALERSHIP UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES BY THE HEAD OF AFTERSALES MR.  ANTONIO FARIA. AS CAN BE SEEN FROM HIS RETURN OF OUR LETTER HE OBJECTED TO THE STRONG LANGUAGE BUT DID NOT SEE FIT TO TELL US THE TRUTH ABOUT THE BRAKES!! UNCONDITIONAL NEW BRAKING UNITS FOR ALL OUR CUSTOMERS WERE REFUSED!!!

Information or an investigation was refused!!!

Year 2005:

Finally in June 2005 a series of "measures" were again launched in connection with the same SBC braking unit. Here too customers and dealers were totally deceived and no linkage to any past events was admitted under the false pretexts mentioned in the customer letter. Even at that stage our simple request to go to each customer’s location after informing them to stop driving immediately and offering the latest remedy openly was refused as seen in this letter.

 In a whimsical manner many customers have been asked after years to replace the SBC unit at their cost later on!!! The SBC unit has a value stored in it called "SERVICE LIFE" and after 2005 dealers are instructed to secretly view this value and replace the SBC unit based on this value and the scanners own recommendation. This shows the serious manipulation of safety related information and proves the reckless endangerment of countless customers who drive these cars to this day without knowledge of this "SUICIDE COUNTER", Which is totally kept secret by insiders. Why are customers unaware that the failure of the SBC unit is linked to such known phenomena and how much is Daimler AG still hiding?


  • Why was SBC braking replaced immediately and never repeated on any new model. Reading the pre launch details it should have become the new standard based on high claims of Daimler AG.
  • Parameterisation( changing of earlier parameters) was used for years to reprogram SBC control units in the field secretly through add-on patches. This was done to delay the incidence of automatic switching to hydraulic mode. This also failed.
  • A counter equivalent to a "suicide counter" is secretly maintained in every car behind the backs of customers and safety regulators. This is information critical to customer’s lives yet many customers do not wish to visit dealers of Daimler AG/Mercedes Benz as per their rights. How are they informed of this defect?
  • As of now only threats of cancellation of warranty or in case of old cars, free offers, are used top trap/lure customers into visiting dealers only, instead of private workshops. However for those customers remaining outside the dealer workshop how can the life expectancy of the SBC braking unit be known to have been crossed till the random occurrence of failure.
  • There is no braking system in the world which has such a weakness that when it wears-out there is an immediate and total failure of brakes. Proof exists that the "life" of the unit varies from days to years as we have demonstrated on our own car. How has Daimler AG refused to inform the users of affected cars worldwide of the time-bombs they are driving?
  • In the hope that most cars will some how visit the dealer, where the SBC unit’s "service life" will be checked and the unit will be replaced if necessary, EVERY CUSTOMERS LIFE has been put in severe danger. The companies hope seems to be that most failures can be prevented by the series of measures including reprogramming the parameters which caused the brake to switch to the useless "hydraulic mode" and that in this way the recall of such an embarrassing defect could be avoided for years. In this process a lesser number of customers may die when their brakes fail and those can be tackled individually since any way no outsider can access proof like the "service life counter" or the Freeze frame data of the failure occurrence.  The self diagnosis system is already set to remove all warning lights.
  • By removing this "ground braking technology" from further new models Daimler AG hopes to let all cars with SBC become scrap yet they have missed out the fact that all second hand cars become too unviable to service at authorised workshops and the customers buying a used Mercedes for the first time are buying coffins which will not receive the necessary "SECRET TREATMENT". We have hard evidence of cars which have had actual failures not having SBC units replaced because the failure does not re-occur for enormous periods and there is no permanent driver warning. On hearing the cost of SBC units customers refuse to replace them and since the whole issue is secret there is no official documentation to convince them of the risk.
  • Today countless people are driving these ten year old cars unaware of the above information and dealers are also totally in the dark, acting in random fashion based on available information.

This is another criminal conspiracy for which regulators worldwide have failed in their duty. According to norms of morality the persons who have extended the risk of death of customers knowingly by following the above policies instead of an open recall are guilty of attempted murder of countless unsuspecting customers.

No. Measure/Info. No. Recived Date Service Measure / Information Area / Item Affected Model Class Model Engine Type Chassis / Vin No Range
1 A/C No: 53 584 01 2004-05-14 Secret recall of SBC brakes by reprograming / replacing SBC Unit ( 1st attempt ) SBC failure E ALL 211 Limited list with errors
2 A/C No: 43 910 27 2004-10-12 Secret recall of SBC brakes by reprograming / replacing SBC Unit ( 2nd attempt ) SBC failure E ,SL ALL 211 ,230 Affected series in service measure
3 A/C No: 43 920 01 2005-06-24 Fit suction hose on SBC braking unit to make brake bleeding on every single visit easy according to modified bleeding prosses SBC failure SL ,E ALL 230 ,211 Local list provided
4 A/C No: 43 911 01 2005-06-24 3rd attempt to check / replace SBC braking unit with partial information in invitation letter ( without giving details of prevous experiments or admiting risk / liability ) SBC failure E ,SL ALL 211 ,230 Local list provided
5 A/C No: 54 960 33 2005-06-24 Further modification on SBC braking unit hardware after various other expermental measures SBC failure E ,CLS ,SL ALL 211 ,219 ,230 Local list provided