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Transmission Failure

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There is an information blackout on the subject yet piecing together the "service information and measures" with our warranty data we can see that many defects of the sensors in the transmissions cause total gearbox failures while driving.

When transmission defects were not too common before 2005, the Mereceds Benz 6 speed gearboxes used to go into a true "limp home mode" where the driver could never shift the gear beyond first gear till the failed internal sensor or mechanical defect was addressed in a workshop.

With the introduction of the most defective transmission (722.69 7-gtronic) it became obvious that the sensor failure had become an everyday occurrence. To date it is hard to keep track of how many replacement part numbers have been introduced and the instructions have also changed so often that it raises the obvious question of doing R & D on customer’s cars behind their backs at the risk of their death.

Please take the time to Google the terms 722.9, defective, sensors, ESP etc. to get a favour of the depth of customers anguish worldwide to this abomination of a transmission.

As a result Daimler Engineers seem to have deactivated the previous limp-home system, putting the car in third gear without a serious warning to the customer such that when the car is restarted a self check restores the car to normal functioning (gear change available) until the next occurrence of sensor failure. In this way most customers would not even notice the defect but in rare case if the defect occurs while the customer is overtaking, without warning he may be unable to accelerate and may die as a result.

Even after that while examining the car, it may easily be said "THAT THERE WAS NO WARNING ON THE DASHBOARD AND THRERFORE THERE WAS NO FAILURE". Only the company engineers would be able to go into the stored faults and see the KM reading of Fault occurrence whereby the evidence is totally within their control!! Aftermarket scanners are not allowed to display THIS information.

Understanding the risks Daimler AG has turned off the warning system and they use this as a trick to replace affected parts without admitting the failure. This is a case of increasing the customer's exposure to death just to avoid a recall campaign. Also as in the case of the SBC brakes it is likely that a recall campaign of this nature would be logistically and technically such that it would inevitably lead to the BANKRUPTCY OF DAIMLER AG, considering all implications, and severe criminal liabilities including imprisonment.

After two car's belonging to our companies have been found and proved to have these failures along with a large number of our customer's cars, we have been refused even a response to our questions!!!

Customers have even been asked to bring back their cars when "alleged" defect appears which further deceives them to believe that the fault is not serious. The same defects are known worldwide and there is evidence of total disgust at this cover-up.

Glycol from coolant radiators is also known to contaminate the transmission fluid for which documents are circulated to dealers and later the faulty radiators were redesigned with no accountability to affected customers.

Information of valve body change is never admitted but evidence including constant new part numbers raise the question of ongoing R&D at the cost of customers lives.

Additionally the ENDLESS reprogramming of the Transmission Control Unit goes on to this day as can be seen from this list of repeat measures for newer experimental control unit software.

We have ourselves been locked in gear, unable to down/up shift in a moving car while overtaking and so have our customers. As can be seen from our Youtube videos every permutation of the sensor failures admitted in the documents has been caught live by us and after importing  a scanner from Autologic UK we were able to see the internal/turbine/output speed sensors in total failure while the warning systems remained deactivated.

We are in court against Daimler AG and Mercedes Benz India yet we have been refused any answer while the very defects in the cars are covered in the company’s documents. In fact as can be seen here Daimler AG treats a moving car with a locked gearbox as a regular event needing valve body replacement and now refuses to answer when asked the following question:

If the self diagnosis system is programmed to lock the car in the third/running gear (without dashboard warning as proved) what is the risk to a customer’s life in a moving car?

The answer to this question alone could see Daimler AG charged with manslaughter!!!

No. Measure/Info. No. Recived Date Service Measure / Information Area / Item Affected Model Class Model Engine Type Chassis / Vin No Range
1 A/C No: 27 270 01 2005-03-03 Replacement of defective Transmission adaptor (Electronic coupling ) to avoid leakage of transmission fluid Automatic Transmission C ,E ,S ALL 203 ,211 ,220 Limited list provided
2 A/C No: 27 270 01 2005-03-15 Instruction to put blue dot on replaced Transmition adaptor Automatic Transmission C ,E ,S ALL 203, 211, 220 Limited list provided
3 A/C No: 27 270 01 2005-12-20 Modifaction in service measure dt. 03/03/2005 to replace transmision adaptor to stop leakage Automatic Transmission C ,E ,S ALL 203 ,211 ,220 Limited list provided
4 S.I.No: IND 27/003 2006-03-31 Information showing full knowledge of glycol contamination in transmission from coolant radiator Automatic Transmission E ,CLK ,C ALL 211 ,208 ,203 Not Disclosed
5 A/C No: 27 950 31 2007-02-20 Install new software due to high friction setting of torque converter and other undisclosed defects Automatic Transmission M ,C ,E ,CLK ,CLS ,S ,SL ,R ALL 164 ,203 ,211 ,209 ,219 ,221 ,230 ,251 Limited list provided
6 S.I.No: IND 27/002 2006-03-16 Instruction on shift problems in transmission 722.9 showing deep knowledge of failures Automatic Transmission ALL ALL ALL Cars with transmission 722.9
7 S.I.27.00-P-0010A 2008-10-10 Service information showing new transmission and electro hydraulic unit are fitted from 2009 to avoid quality problems Automatic Transmission ALL ALL ALL Cars with transmission 722.9
8 GI27.50-P-035556 2009-02-19 Information on failure of transmission showing knowledge of gear shift failure while driving Automatic Transmission ALL ALL ALL Cars with transmission 722.9